Eco Tower Project, Tel Aviv

We are proud to present the Eco Tower project located in Tel Aviv, a project where the building was elevated using steel constructions without interrupting the daily activities of the building or its surroundings.

In this project, all elements were pre-designed and pre-built in factories and then assembled on-site, significantly saving on the ongoing overhead costs associated with conventional concrete construction. This advanced method allowed us to meet deadlines and achieve substantial savings for the developer.

In a city as busy with traffic as Tel Aviv, saving the arrival of dozens and hundreds of concrete trucks has considerable environmental significance. Building with recycled steel is green and complies with LEED standards, contributing to environmental preservation and reducing air pollution in the city.

Eco Tower symbolizes the blend of innovation, efficiency, and quality in advanced urban construction. Discover the benefits of steel-based elevation projects and see how Nitzanei HaEmek continues to lead the field with advanced, cost-effective, and green building solutions.